Jenny Mudarri

Hello, friend. 


I'm a writer and illustrator based in Boston, MA. 

Thanks for stopping by! Take a minute or two and get to know me by checking out my writing, giving my illustrations a quick peek, or even tuning into some of my recent musical endeavors



I'm currently the Associate Director, Content Marketing at Wistia, a video hosting and creation platform. I lead a small group of creative marketers who are all passionate about engaging and delighting our audience. Check out some of the pieces I've written over the years to get a feel for my writing style!



Nothing gets me more excited than a fresh notebook, some high-quality markers, and a good pen. I've been commissioned to create everything from t-shirts and posters, to album art and invitations. I'm currently accepting requests for work, so don't hesitate to reach out! And if you like what you see, feel free to connect.



I've always been an avid music-maker and general fan of pleasant sounds. Over the years, I've started a few bands under the names Nancy, Thrifty, and Feral Jenny, have played bass in the lovely Bent Shapes, and continue to record solo out of my bedroom. Give your ears a chance to dance by checking out my tunes!