It's nice to meet you! I'm Jenny.


From coming up with creative campaign ideas to perfecting one tiny line of micro-copy that only a handful of people may see, I pride myself on being both a strategist and a practitioner. Someone who can easily see the 10,000 foot view, but isn’t afraid to get in the weeds.

As a leader, I care deeply about inspiring and mentoring my team, making an impact on business goals, and pushing our creative boundaries. As a contributor, I care a ton about oxford commas, robust brand guidelines, and aesthetics.

Combining the powers of intuition and gut-feel with data and process make the creative marketing campaigns I’m a part of more effective, compelling, and impactful.

In my spare time, you might find me recording music out of my apartment, designing everything from greeting cards to fanny packs, or listening to [way too many] podcasts. Want to get to know me even better? Check out my interview with the Somerville Arts Council