I currently manage content marketing and social media
at Wistia, a video hosting and creation platform.


When I'm not busy posing for photos, I spend most of my time coming up with new ways of creating content that both engages and delights. As a passionate social media and content marketing professional, I love combining creativity and data to make campaigns more effective and entertaining. 

In my spare time, you might find me recording music out of my apartment in Boston, designing greeting cards, or screen printing wrapping paper.  Want to get to know me even better? Check out my interview with the Somerville Arts Council


Wondering how to make an awesome video for social media? Looking to up your video marketing game? I've got you covered.

I've been lucky enough to take my passion for illustrating to the workplace! Check out some of my recent work for Wistia. 

Whether it's fact or fiction, I've got words for days. My first creative writing piece was published in a college textbook back in 2010. Since then, I've written a number of other essays and articles – here are a few that sadly never made it onto the web (RIP print).

  • “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Noman’s Journal
  • "Squirrels at Large," The Bitchin' Kitsch
  • Foreward, The WRUV Reader, a book of Vermont poetry
  • “An Evening With Gogol Bordello,” Thread Magazine
  • “The Lynguistic Civilians,” Thread Magazine
  • “Coffee and Cigarettes,” Essays and Explorations, an English textbook

I'm currently accepting commissions for posters, album art, illustrations, and more! Take a look at some of my freelance work below.