In Print

Way back when, content was only published in print! Here are a few pieces I've written over the years that sadly never made it on the web.

  • “Strawberry Fields Forever,” Noman’s Journal
  • Foreward, The WRUV Reader, a book of Vermont poetry
  • “An Evening With Gogol Bordello,” Thread Magazine
  • “The Lynguistic Civilians,” Thread Magazine
  • “Coffee and Cigarettes,” Essays and Explorations, and English textbook

Squirrels at Large

This story was originally published on The Quotable, Issue 14

I first noticed that the squirrel population had grown in both number and size while sitting on a park bench in Boston Common three weeks ago. The bench was next to a very small, underutilized playground. This was the safest and best location to take leisure in all of Boston Common, because I ran the risk of subjecting myself to visions of horror had I sat within eyeshot of Frog Pond. It was winter, and all the couples had crawled out of their love nests to skate around the frozen oval.

He Writes Children’s Books

This story was originally published on The Bitchin' Kitsch

“I’m a psychologist,” she says, avoiding eye contact, looking less critical. “What do you do for a living?” She finishes off a whiskey tonic.

“Well, I write children’s books…mainly small, paperback, mass-produced reissues of the classics.” Small, paperback, mass-produced reissues. She’ll get lost in all the adjectives, he hopes. Small, paperback, mass-produced reissues.